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The World Citizens Association of Australia proposes that a democratic global parliament be created, where global problems can be discussed and settled, laws to protect us all can be established, and people from around the world are able to have a say concerning those great global issues that affect us all.


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...signifies the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


A progeny of the World Federalist Association of Australia led for many years by Keith Suter, WCAA was founded in 2004 by Chris Hamer at the urging of Liliane Metz Krencker, President of the Peoples Congress in France, who was visiting Australia at the time. Existing members of the WFAA transferred over to the new WCAA, including Keith, Chris, Lyndon Storey, Michael de Mol, Michelle Cavanagh and Stella Cornelius, a philanthropist/advocate from Sydney. Wali Islam joined WCAA in 2007, and had directed the Bangladesh Aid Project ever since, as a concrete contribution towards helping with global problems.

WCAA is closely aligned in values, goals and objectives with:



WFM is a global umbrella organization whose main goal is to campaign for a democratic world federation. It is empowered to deal effectively with all the common problems of our global society, including peace and security, climate change and global environmental problems generally, refugees and human rights. 

WFM-IGP was founded in 1947 with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. The long Cold War had a detrimental effect on its success; its main achievement was the creation of the Coalition for an International Criminal Court, led by Bill Pace, which eventually succeeded in seeing establishment of the ICC. WFM-IGP is slowly undergoing a process of renewal led by John Vlasto (UK) and Donna Park and Bob Flax (US). 


Luiz Bispo, Secretary of WCAA, serves as the Communications and Outreach Officer. of WFM-IGP


The CWSC is a transnational working group and was established in 2018 in Stockholm of the Global Challenges Foundation who provided funding to enable CWSC to make a presentation at the Paris Peace Forum in that year. Its current President is WCAA President Chris Hamer, and many members of WCAA are also members of CWSC.

CWSC's objective is to campaign for a community of democratic nations after the European model, to form an alliance to guarantee the security of all its members, and to work constructively with the UN to foster peace and security for non-member states. The CWSC is recognized as an official transnational working group of the WFM-IGP in the field of peace and security, operating along the pathway of Uniting the Democracies. This is seen as a practical first step towards an eventual world federation, as the community enlarges and evolves over succeeding decades.


The IGPSG was established in 2011 as an initiative of Thich Minh Tam, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam and director of the charitable foundation, the International Buddhist Organization for Culture Education and Social Development. The Venerable Tam initial goal was to establish and fund a Centre for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance in partnership with universities. Under the subsequent leadership of Daryl Le Cornu, IGPSG shifted its focus on education and which remains today as its primary mission under the leadership of Zeny Edwards. IGPSG's central goal is to support academic study, research and advocacy on the subject of democratic global governance as a necessary prerequisite for long-term peace, prosperity and sustainable development for all humanity. IGPSG creates ongoing programs and activities for students and communities to work together in promoting education as the key to a sustainable future. 


IGPSG has created its own initiatives and activities as an independent entity in support of WCAA, WFM-IGP and CWSC.


Our affiliated Transnational Working Group, the Coalition for a World Security Community of democratic nations (CWSC) has partnered with the Alliance of Democracies to deliver the webinar  entitled "‘How to Unite the World’s Democratic Forces". The event happened on the 9th June. 

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  • To Collaborate in the establishment of a Global Parliament

  • To obtain support and mentorship for studies and action

  • To stay informed and up to date about global issues

  • To be engaged in initiatives and projects

  • For Networking


  • To support communities which are vulnerable in a social-economic sense, especially in view of the present COVID-19 Pandemic - mainly in Bangladesh at the moment

  • To support the successful management of initiatives


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