Educational Programs

Director: Daryl Le Cornu




We are developing academic courses on topics concerning international governance in the 21st century.

Daryl Le Cornu, our Education Program Director, is interested in promoting knowledge and understanding of the UN and other global institutions. He has been involved in writing material for the module on ‘World Order’ in the HSC Legal Studies syllabus in New South Wales, and for the ‘United Nations’ module in the Modern History syllabus. The history of the European Union is an important topic that needs to be included in the HSC syllabus.

In the near future, we hope to establish a community education course on ‘The United Nations for the People in the 21st Century’. 

Chris Hamer has already developed an online General Education course at the University of New South Wales entitled 'Nuclear Arms, Peace and Global Governance'.

Education is the principal focus of our sister organization, the Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance. More information can be found at their website here. The major programs supported by the Institute are:


Model Global Parliament program

Junior World Citizens Program

Centre for Global Governance and International Peace

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