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From a Summit of Democracy to a League of Democracies - by the Coalition for a World Security Community of Democratic Nations (CWSC)

This webinar explored the idea of building on President Biden’s Summit for Democracy to create a permanent forum among the world’s democracies to tackle global challenges.

Our panel consists of advocates of several versions of this idea: a D10, a concert of democracies, alliance of democracies or community of democracies. They will discuss the following questions: What would be the purposes of such a community of democracies? What would be its value-added compared to existing intergovernmental organizations? Which countries would qualify as democracies? Wouldn’t such a community worsen the tensions between democracies and China and Russia?

This event is sponsored by the Coalition for a World Security Community, a global organization advocating for a community of the world’s democracies to promote peace and security and tackle other global challenges.


  • John Ikenberry, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University

  • Ash Jain, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

  • Mariam Chikhladze, Fellow, Alliance of Democracies Foundation

  • Tiziana Stella, Executive Director, Streit Council

  • Didier Jacobs, Vice-President, Coalition for a World Security Community


  • Richard Ponzio, Director, Global Governance, Justice & Security Program and Senior Fellow, The Stimson Center



How to deter Russia now - by the Atlantic Council

Led by President Biden, the West has laid down clear markers that a major, new Russian invasion will prompt devastating sanctions, further military shipments to Ukraine, and a strengthening of NATO’s force posture near Russia’s border. Is this enough to stay Putin’s hand?


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By Chris Hamer

The Citizens for Global Solutions group in the US held their Annual Conference from 11-13 November 2021 via Zoom. This year’s conference theme was, Paths to a World Federation: Initial Inspirations & Current Strategies.They invited leaders of 5 ‘paths’ that appear prominently in the historical literature of the World Federalist Movement and continue until today (one of them being yours truly!). These are:

  • UN Charter Review - Shahr-yar Sharei

  • The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly - Andreas Bummel

  • Integrating the Regions - Fernando Iglesias 

  • Uniting the Democracies - Chris Hamer

  • Creating a World Constitution - Glen T. Martin

The event, led by Bob Flax and Donna Park, forms an important part of the renewal process underway for the whole world federalist movement, and I enjoyed it very much, talking ‘face-to-face’ with other members of the movement.



How to Unite the World’s Democratic Forces

President Biden has promised to convene a Summit for Democracy and to renew the spirit and shared purpose of the nations of the free world. The hope is that this Summit will not be merely a one-off event, but set an agenda for democratic renewal.


UK Prime Minister Johnson has during his chairmanship of the Group of Seven (G7) included democratic allies such as Australia, India, South Africa and South Korea. This could lead to the formation of a Democracies 10/11, which would strengthen cooperation among the world’s major democracies.


The Alliance of Democracies Foundation was founded to unite the world’s democratic forces to counter rising authoritarianism and at the 2021 Copenhagen Democracy Summit, launched the Copenhagen Charter which proposes three specific areas for returning democratic multilateralism to its ascendancy.


And the Coalition for a World Security Community of Democracies (CWSC)

proposes a permanent forum open to leaders of all countries committed to democracy, human rights and international law. The OECD could be its implementing arm on economic issues, and NATO, which should become a global military alliance, on security issues. It could evolve into a global community on the European model and become an island of freedom, peace and prosperity in a turbulent world, attracting an ever growing membership.


Join the Alliance of Democracies Foundation in partnership with the Coalition for a World Security Community (CWSC) for an exciting discussion about making these approaches to an alliance of democracies work in practice from the G7 Summit to the Summit for Democracy. Join us on Wednesday, June 9th from 2:00 - 3:00 pm CET/1:00-2:00pm BST/ 8:00 – 9:00am ET.


Please register below, all details on how to access the event will be sent prior to the session. 



  • Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Chairman, Alliance of Democracies Foundation and former NATO Secretary General and Prime Minister of Denmark 

  • Lord Mark Sedwill, G7 Envoy for Economic Resilience and former Cabinet Secretary and National Security Advisor to Boris Johnson

  • Ash Jain, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council 

  • Didier Jacobs, Vice-President of the Coalition for a World Security Community of democratic nations


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The World Citizens Association of Australia marks World Refugee Day on 21 June in the midst of dramatic social change.  A pandemic has tested our strength and highlighted systematic inequalities. It has also connected us in new ways and renewed our motivation to act for equality. In the time of COVID, we celebrate refugees who are on the frontlines fighting this pandemic, their hosts and the aid workers supporting them. We have seen everyday heroes from all walks of life step up to join the front lines.


No matter who you are or where you come from, pandemic or not; every one of us can make a difference. Every action counts.

World Refugee Day 2021 flyer.jpg


World Cities Day 2020.jpg

World Federalist Movement (WFM) Online Conference, October 24-25 

How Democracy Survives: Crises of the Nation State’, an online Symposium hosted by the Pardee Center, Boston University, October 28th-30th, 2020, free and open to the public

Copenhagen Democracy Summit, June 19-20, 2020, Copenhagen

A meeting convened by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation

World Federalist Movement Congress, June 3-7, 2020, Brussels

This is the gathering of the worldwide movement, now taking place every two years.

(now postponed till next year due to the COVID19 crisis)

Supranational Democracy Dialogue, April 16-17, 2020, Brindisi

The topics will be democratic governance and democratic policies beyond the state.

Symposium 'Beyond the Nation State', October 28-30, 2019, Boston University

Global Week of Action for a World Parliament, October 19-27, 2019

A program of events around the world






The New Shape Forum, May 27-30, 2018, Stockholm Sweden

This event is hosted by the Global Challenges Foundation. The New Shape Forum will be a starting point of our mission to reshape global cooperation in order to better tackle global catastrophic risks based on the proposals put forward in the New Shape Prize

World Conference on Global Institutions in 2020

Proposed by the UN Commission on Global Security, Justice and Governance.

















The Commission’s co-chairs: former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Nigerian Foreign Minister Ibrahim Gambari in The Hague

The Commission proposes that Civil Society organizations and UN member-nations collaborate to organize a World Conference on Global Institutions in 2020, the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, to provide a target date to enact the urgent global governance reforms necessary for a secure and just future. We must do what we can to push forward this initiative.

The Commission is strongly influenced by world federalists. One of the Commissioners is in fact Lloyd Axworthy, a former Foreign Minister of Canada, who is also President of the World Federalist Movement.



Wednesday 28 October 2020

11:00 am-12.00 pm



For more information and registration please go to

Community Engagement page

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In conversation with Susan Glasser & Peter Baker on the US election

Friday, 6 November 2020, 1.00-2.00pm AEDT

For more information and registration please go to

Community Engagement page

Deadline 22 January 2021 

Join ICAN'S virtual march by taking a photo solo or with a group, with a sign calling on Australia to join the treaty.  Post it on social media and send it to to hand over to the Prime Minister when the treaty enters into force.

Symposium "Towards a More Democratic United Nations" (Crawford School, ANU, 4 September 2019)
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