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President:  Chris Hamer

Chris Hamer is Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Physics, University of New South Wales. He was active in Scientists Against Nuclear Arms (SANA) (now Scientists for Global Responsibility) of which he is now President, in a caretaker role. He is the founder of the World Citizens Association of Australia. He teaches a general studies course on “Nuclear Arms, Peace and Global Governance”, and has written a book on the topic of ‘A Global Parliament: Principles of World Federation’ (available through Amazon).

Email: C.Hamer@unsw.edu.au

Vice-President (Education):  Daryl Le Cornu

Daryl Le Cornu is currently a history curriculum lecturer at the Australian Catholic University. He has had many years experience teaching history and legal studies in state schools in New South Wales. His last position in the NSW Department of Education was as the Senior Curriculum Officer for History at the Curriculum Directorate (2011-2102). As a high school teacher Daryl was a passionate supporter of student-led human rights groups. Daryl is an author of the Cambridge Legal Studies textbooks for the Preliminary and the HSC courses. His main areas of interest are peace groups in WW1, contemporary history, human rights, international law, world order, global governance and geopolitics. He is committed to teaching high school students.

Email: djlecornu@hotmail.com


Vice-President (Aid Project):  Wali Islam

Abul Wali Islam obtained a PhD in Health Science from the University of New South Wales in 1997. He is the Founder and Director of Study Support Australia where he mentors and supports tertiary students with special interest in his PhD programs in health science and education. He is also Vice-President of the World Citizens Association of Australia, and Director of the Aid Project in Bangladesh.

Email: a.islam@UNSWalumni.com

Secretary: Luiz Bispo

Luiz Fernando Pereira Bispo has a Bachelor degree in Forest Engineering and a Licentiate degree in Agricultural Science from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was awarded a full scholarship programs to study at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo NODAI) during his bachelor's degree.
In 2014, he was awarded as the "Outstanding Volunteer of the Year" by UNSW ARC Volunteer Army, and with the "2014 Hidden Eco-Hero" by Samsung Engineering in partnership with the U.N. Environment. Among other initiatives and engagements, Luiz is also one of the delegates of the "UNESCO's Man and Biosphere Programme". Currently, he is pursuing an
advanced MBA degree at Torrens University Australia.

Email: luizfbispo03@gmail.com


Treasurer:  Radhiga Dey

Rada Dey was born in India, raised in the Middle East and now calls Australia home. She has Masters degrees in Public Administration and Psychology. She has worked as a Management Consultant, and is currently a Public Servant of the NSW State government. She works with vulnerable children, families and communities at the frontline of Child Protection services.


Editor/Communications Director: Margaret Webb

Founding Director: Model Global Parliament Program:  Pera Wells

Pera Wells is a former Australian diplomat whose postings to Africa, the United Nations in New York, the Commonwealth Secretariat in London and to India inspired her to think deeply about how people in Australia, living in a multicultural, ethnically diversified, essentially egalitarian, democratic country on one continent, could help to start a conversation about the possibility of creating a global parliament. Her last appointment was as the Secretary-General of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, so she brings to the Association the hands-on experience of running a global civil society organization as well as a sense of pragmatic idealism about the future possibilities for democratic and inclusive global governance. She is the founder and Director of the Model Global Parliament program.


Life Members


Michelle Cavanagh

Michelle Cavanagh is a long time feminist and retired businesswoman who graduated with a BA, majoring in English and History, from Macquarie University. Michelle is President of the Dickens Society of Australia and is a member of various organisations including the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Amnesty International, Pennant Hills Peace Group and the NSW History Council. She has been a member of the World Citizens Association since its inception when she became the society’s Treasurer. Michelle’s biography entitled “Margaret Holmes: The Life and Times of an Australian Peace Campaigner” was published in 2006. She served as Treasurer of the WCA from its foundation until 2015, and remains on the Council.

Email: michcav@gmail.com


Michael de Mol

Michael de Mol is  retired after nearly 30 years as a Senior Technical
Officer  at the University of New South Wales, initially in the School of
Geology, and then in the School of Biological, Environmental and Earth
Sciences when the two Departments merged. He is currently living on the Mid
North Coast of NSW and is undertaking a Bachelor of Sustainability with the
University of New England,  Armidale. He is also a member of the Baha'i Faith,
and a long-term campaigner for peace and better global governance. He served
as Secretary of the WCA from its beginning until 2015, as well as assisting
with the Aid Project, and he remains on the Council.
Email: mdotdemol@hotmail.com

John Hegarty

John Hegarty has been passionate about a more peaceful and cooperative  society since his early teenage years. He is an octogenarian and has many decades of  experience in community groups and roles in education including teacher,  Principal and School Counsellor covering K to Year 12 and TAFE. He is an  ‘aspiring elder’. He describes himself as “Teacher, counsellor, dreamer, achiever, ordinary, extraordinary & unique. Just like you!” Re all people,  he quotes “It’s not them and us, it’s just us”. He has written an inspiring affirmation of world citizenship which is recited by MPs at our Model Global Parliaments.

Radhiga Dey

Radhiga Dey is the WCAA Treasurer - see above.

Zeny Edwards

Zeny Edwards is an architectural historian and acknowledged author, biographer, and curator. She completed her doctorate in Architectural History in 2006. Zeny was the past president of the National Trust of Australia (NSW) in 2006-08. She was chair of UN Women Australia (NSW) in 2012 and in 2013 joined the United Nations Association of Australia and retired her position as Director of the UNAA Peace Program in 2018. Zeny also serves as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Peter Grullemans

State Contacts


New South Wales   Daryl Le Cornu - djlecornu@hotmail.com

                                  Chris Hamer – C.Hamer@unsw.edu.au


Victoria  Michael Ellis – mindquest@ozemail.com


Daniel Blewitt - dtblewitt@gmail.com

Co-Founder of the Young World Federalists, Daniel is a passionate supporter
of the cause of World Federalism having gotten started in 2014 with his own
project the 'United Republic of Humankind'.
Working now with the highest levels of the WFM regularly and expanding the
membership of the YWF, Daniel hopes to fundamentally reinvent the popular
brand of World Federalism.
Daniel also hosts a podcast that releases weekly, and deals specifically
with the topic of human unification and the future.
As a full-time professional salesperson, he tries to find time to squeeze
everything in for the movement where he can.

Queensland  James Page – jamessmithpage@hotmail.com

                        Richard Mochelle - rmochelle@gmail.com


Western Australia: Crawford Yorke – crawfordyorke@yahoo.com.au

Tasmania  Nigel Davidson - nigel.j.davidson@gmail.com



Advisory Board

Dr. Keith Suter

Keith Suter is (among many other titles) Consultant on Social Policy, Wesley Mission, Sydney, and Vice-President of the International Commission of Jurists (NSW). He was awarded the Australian Government’s Peace Medal in 1986, the International Year of Peace. He is the author of “A New International Order” (1981), and “Reshaping the Global Agenda” (1986), among other titles.

Bob Brown

Bob Brown is a public figure as politician, medical doctor, environmentalist, former Senator and former Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens. As a Senator, Bob called for the Australian Parliament to endorse the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly in 2010. He retired from the Australian Senate in June 2012, and has produced a new book entitled “Optimism”, where he includes several chapters on his call for a global parliament.

Liliane Metz-Krencker

Liliane Metz-Krencker was formerly Secretary-General of the World Citizens Registry, based in France. She was an inspirational moving spirit behind the foundation of our own association.



Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
                                                                Margaret Mead