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One of the grand challenges of our time is certainly the Question:
"How is the World  to Govern itself?"
The World Citizens Association of Australia believes that all human beings regardless of nationality, have many fundamental interests in common and face some  enormous common problems, which can only be solved by a collective global response. We are working towards the creation of a democratic global parliament to deal with these problems, and guide us towards a brighter future for all humanity.

We affirm that:

'We recognize the humanity we share with all people, and we declare ourselves to be citizens of the world.

We will uphold the universal rights of others, regardless of nationality, race, religion or gender, and

We will endeavour to work with our fellow citizens to create a better world.'

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Poverty, Starvation and Disease in the Third World: Still a billion people are living on less than a dollar a day. Still many thousands of children die unnecessarily every day. How can we put a stop to it?

The Global Environment:  In the "Anthropocene Era," when it would take the resources of six earths to sustain everyone at Western standards of living, how can we manage to live in a sustainable fashion on this planet? In particular, how do we deal with global warming?

In this age of mechanized slaughter, when robots will soon rule the battlefield, and one man at the push of a button can incinerate half a million of his fellow human beings, how can we eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons? How can we finally put an End to War itself?

Heavy weapons in the War Zone of Ukraine

Human Rights: The basic human rights of many thousands of people are horribly violated everyday in our present chaotic world, without hope of redress. How can we prevent it?

We believe Universal problems of this sort necessitate a better system of Global Governance, including democracy as a core principle. We need a global forum where global problems can be discussed in a sensible manner, solutions can be agreed on and put into action. In other words, we need a Global Parliament. The present United Nations is a big step in that direction, but it is not enough.
In 1949, the United States Congress approved House Concurrent Resolution 64, reading in part:
"[It] is the sense of the Congress that it should be a fundamental objective of the foreign policy of the United States to support and strengthen the United Nations and to seek its development into a world federation, open to all nations, with defined and limited powers adequate to preserve peace and prevent aggression through the enactment, interpretation and enforcement of world  laws
The measure was cosponsored in the House by 91 members, including Representatives Jacob Javits, Mike Mansfield (later Democrat Majority Leader), Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Charles Eaton, Christian Herter (later Secretary of State under Dwlight Eisenhower), Gerald Ford (later Republican President) and John F Kennedy (later Democrat President).
On the Senate side, the 21 cosponsors included John Sparkman (later Vice-Presidential candidate) and Hubert Humphrey (later Democrat Vice-President).






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