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Young World Federalists (YWF)

You can access all information about the Young World Federalists (YWF) via their website

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The idea of the YWF is to cover the 'what is world federalism' part of our pitch. Much of what we do as a wider movement is try to have a conversation with people about something they have no idea about. This makes our 'top down' approach of going straight to government very difficult, as what we present is not a pressing issue to anyone's constituency.

The aim of the YWF is to target the general population, the people who you need arguing on your behalf and posting online defending you. We make videos, content, podcasts and galvanize communities through social media. We believe that the vast majority of people don't want to read too much, don't want to look too hard, interest is often fleeting and it's up to us to put out a strong trap to catch their attention. 

So Nicholas (USA), Charles (UK), John (UK), Ole (Norway) and a suite of newcomers facilitate these communities together, and they've grown quite well in the year or so of our existence. Our main home is on a platform known as Discord which has almost 300 members. Our reddit community sits around 4000.

We figure our academic arguments are terrific already, we're just trying to bring people to table to have these meaningful conversations.


The Co-Founder and Executive Director of this group is Daniel Blewitt from Melbourne. Daniel is a passionate supporter of the cause of World Federalism having gotten started in 2014 with his own project the 'United Republic of Humankind'. Working now with the highest levels of the WFM regularly and expanding the membership of the YWF, Daniel hopes to fundamentally reinvent the popular brand of World Federalism. Daniel also hosts a podcast that releases weekly, and deals specifically with the topic of human unification and the future 

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