Coalition for a World Security Community of Democratic Nations

A World Security Community of democratic nations could be the starting point for an eventual democratic world federation, following an evolutionary path like that of the European Union. Europe was “not built all at once, or according to a single plan”, as the Schuman Declaration puts it. It evolved from the nucleus of the European Coal and Steel Community, founded by a smaller group, ‘the Six’, according to the ideas of Jean Monnet. We need to find a way of emulating this evolutionary process for the world community. A treaty forming a World Security Community of democratic nations might be the way to go, and could encompass for instance both NATO and the OECD.

In a Presidential campaign in the US, Republican Senator John McCain talked of a ‘League of Democracies’, while others on the Democratic side of politics have talked of a ‘Concert of Democracies’, so there could be some sympathy for such ideas on both sides of politics in the US. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has already set up a ‘Community of Democracies’, but its mission is simply to promote democracy, and does not answer the purpose.

We have formed a Coalition for a World Security Community of Democratic Nations to gather support for these ideas.

March 2020. The Coalition was established in 2018 with the help of seed funding from the Global Challenges Foundation (GCF) in Stockholm. We made a joint presentation from the GCF stall at the Paris Peace Forum in November that year. Our working group consists of a diverse group of around two dozen members from Australia, Europe and the United States and includes academics, NGO professionals, communication professionals, and civil servants


Last year, we first set up our website, thanks largely to Allen Luke, and have since begun an outreach program, seeking collaboration and support from other organizations with similar objectives.


Our working group already includes members from the World Citizens Association in Australia, Federal Union in Britain, the World Citizens March in France, the Stimson Institute, Oxfam and the Streit Council in the US, the United European Federalists (UEF) and the Young European Federalists (JEF) in Europe.


                                             We have recently made contact with the Alliance of Democracies Foundation in Denmark, headed by

                                             Anders Fogh Rasmussen (former Secretary-General of NATO, and former Prime Minister of Denmark), and

                                             received an invitation to participate in the next Copenhagen Democracy Summit in June 2020. We are hoping

                                             to get Mr Rasmussen out to Australia later in the year and organize several public events to publicise these

                                             ideas. One of the keynote speakers at the Summit (if it goes ahead) will be Malcolm Turnbull, and he has

                                             agreed to meet with me in May to discuss our ideas.


                                             Didier Jacobs, the co-leader of our Coalition who is based in Washington, has recently made contact with Ash

                                             Jain, a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council.  He previously worked for the Policy Planning unit at the US tate

                                             Department, during which time he worked on the US engagement with the Community of Democracies,

                                             together with Anne-Marie Slaughter who supported a Concert of Democracies at the time. In a recent paper

                                             'Present at the Re-Creation: A Global Strategy for Revitalizing, Adapting and Defending the Rules-Based

                                             International Order', by Matthew Kroenig, Deputy Director of the Scowcroft Center, and Ash Jain, Senior Fellow,

                                              he has been advocating an Alliance of Free Nations to provide strong political leadership to coordinate foreign

 Anders Fogh Rasmussen   policies across all issues (security, economy, environment etc.).


                                              So we have now established contacts with major organizations within the Atlantic movement on both sides of

                                              the ocean.

                                              Chris Hamer

By Foto: Magnus Fröderbergderivative work: Colin - This file was derived from:  Danmarks tidligere statsminister Anders Fough Rasmussen vid Nordiska Radets session i Helsingfors 2008-10-28 (1).jpg:, CC BY 2.5 dk,